Corporate Social responsibility

At Pernod Ricard, financial performance and corporate social responsibility (CSR) go hand-in-hand. As such, the Group is engaged in promoting responsible drinking, respecting the environment and encouraging sustainable development.

Responsible drinking

Accepting Responsibility

As co-leader of the global wines and spirits industry, the Group is strongly focussed on promoting responsible drinking and reducing alcohol-related harm. At the Group level, there are five key priorities: promoting moderate drinking, campaigning against drink-driving, making young people aware of the risks associated with alcohol, campaigning against drinking during pregnancy and encouraging a responsible attitude to drinking amongst employees.

In 2010, the Group hosted Responsib’ALL Day where Pernod Ricard’s 18,000 employees worldwide launched global initiatives to combat drink-driving. Responsib’ALL Day is now an annual event with a different focus each year.

In keeping with the Group’s commitment to effective action on the ground, Pernod Ricard subsidiaries also develop their own responsible consumption initiatives that are best-suited to their local markets. These initiatives are outlined in the Group’s ‘Alcohol: Wise Drinking’ brochure available at

At Pernod Ricard UK, the platform ‘accepting responsibility’ is central to our local responsible-drinking campaign. It is our view that the drinks industry (producers and retailers), government, law enforcers and parents all have a key role to play in promoting responsible drinking. Whilst we fully embrace our own responsibility in helping consumers to make informed decisions about drinking, we believe that alcohol issues cannot be resolved without consumers accepting responsibility too.

This is why in 2008 we launched ‘Accept Responsibility’, our responsible-drinking campaign that challenges consumers to accept responsibility for the choices they make about drinking alcohol. The different phases of the campaign have focussed on binge drinking, underage drinking and drink-driving. We have partnered with the Automobile Association (AA) on our drink-driving campaign since 2010.